Students and professors who use the ebook often ask for slides to be able to annotate/reuse them. During the last years, the basic networking course given at UCL with the ebook has be reorganised as a flipped classroom. Each topic is discussed several times with the students :

  • a first quick introduction in the classroom based on slides and a lot of interactive discussions and often drawings on the blackboard. After this introduction, the students are expected to read the corresponding chapter in the ebook and answer the multiple choice questions to verify their basic understanding of the material.

  • a tutored exercises session with a teaching assistant during which the students answer most of the exercises. There are no slides for these sessions. Most of the discussion takes place on the blackboard.

  • a more detailed discussion based on slides and often drawings on the blackboard and small exercises/design questions discussed with the student in the classroom.

Given the course organisation, the slides are, by design, incomplete. They are available on slideshare :