The first edition of this ebook has been written by Olivier Bonaventure. Laurent Vanbever, Virginie Van den Schriek, Damien Saucez and Mickael Hoerdt have contributed to exercises. Pierre Reinbold designed the icons used to represent switches and Nipaul Long has redrawn many figures in the SVG format. Stephane Bortzmeyer sent many suggestions and corrections to the text.

For the second edition, various researchers from UCL’s IP Networking Lab have contributed to exercises : Juan Antonio Cordero, David Lebrun, Olivier Tilmans and Raphael Bauduin. Florentin Rochet and Justin Vellemans have also helped in preparing and testing several exercises. Lionel Chalet designed the mcq sphinx extension that allows to add multiple choice questions to the ebook based on an initial idea from Pierre Reinbold. Arnaud Schils has created the packetdrill scripts that are used to explore TCP.

The entire source code for the ebook is available at

The statistics produced by gitinspector provide more information about the contributions of several of these authors.