This section gathers several types of exercises that have been designed to enable the students to improve their understanding of the topics presented in the ebook. There are three types of exercises :

  • Multiple Choice Questions. These are simple exercises that allow the students to verify that they have understood the basics. The students should usually be able to answer these questions after a first detailed reading of the associated chapter. The HTML version of the ebook includes javascript code that allows the student to verify his/her answers immediately.
  • Code/Practice exercises. To better understand a networking concept, it is sometimes important to implement it or experiment with it. Some of these practice questions will be automatically graded by using test cases running on http://inginious.info.ucl.ac.be while others will be open questions that could lead to class projects.
  • Open questions and Discussion questions. These questions are more challenging. They typically contain a small problem that needs to be solved by the student. These questions are designed so that they can lead to discussions with teaching assistants.

A good understanding of the topics covered by this ebook can only be obtained by solving the proposed exercises. Reading the ebook from the first to the last page is not sufficient to get a detailed knowledge of computer networking.